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Let’s talk about Richard Speight Jr.’s acting in this, though. Because the whole time he was being Gabriel he seemed a little bit off - somehow not quite right. Over dramatic and toned back in all the wrong places (and wayyy too willing to step up to the plate) and I’m wondering what’s up because…

I was thinking the same thing!!! Him being so willing to sacrifice himself for Cass seemed both way out of character and kinda stupid, I mean, out of anyone, the Archangel seems the best candidate for marshaling the forces of Heaven.

Also, I doubt the real Gabriel would be so impressed by Cass and eager for him to take the reins. Cass’ stint as ‘god’ was less than impressive; it was bloody and misguided and if there is one thing we know about Gabriel, it’s that he’s not really into kin-slaying.

Having said that, I don’t think it’s at all out of character for him to want to gather up the angels and lead them back to Heaven. I mean after what happened with the almost Apocalypse, I really wouldn’t be surprised if when (or if) Gabriel comes back for real, he is more willing to step up. 

In fact, one of the things that I thought was odd and out-of-character for him in Metratron’s version was that he’d run and hid in the first place.

I feel like that kinda negates the sacrifice he made in season 5 and I wouldn’t want that to happen and honestly don’t think it would.

I mean, I would prefer it if the writers just went ahead and found a different way of bringing him back besides the whole, ‘it was a trick’ thing b/c that really undercuts his character development.

I would prefer that they find a good way to bring him back which still preserves that development.

Say for instance by using the Horn of Gabriel (which the Metratron has) as the Horn of Resurrection (b/c it is also that and b/c Gabriel is the angel of Resurrection).

Because once you do that, it’s so easy to throw do the whole, ‘oh but whoever is resurrected by the Horn is now under the control of the one who raised them,’ and then Gabriel can be pissed that he’s being used as a tool by fucking Metratron and then when eventually, the Winchesters find a way to break that bond, he will be royally pissed, ready to kick Metratron’s ass and ready take his rightful place at the Head of the Host.

After that, they will find Metratron’s secret little way back to Heaven, open it back up to all the angels, install Gabriel as the leader and Regent of Heaven until dear old dad comes home and bada-bing; Heaven is united, the angels go back to doing what they’d done before the Fall (ie helping people, a job which, btw Gabriel never actually stopped doing) and Cass is free to remain on earth and hang around with the Winchesters.

Easy peasy, living greazy.

Or you know, whatever, it’s just a thought.

Get ‘em baby!  So much this!

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24: Live Another Day extended trailer

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This is basically me when I was a kid.

"You’re home early…"

"You’re home early…"